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Ohio Department of Aging Approved

Cheering for Charity Foundation’s,  “The Cheering Voices”, program has been accredited by the Ohio Department of Aging as a Nursing Home Quality Improvement Project. 

This program is an innovative approach that requires collaboration between nursing home residents, staff, caregivers and families for quality of life improvement in nursing homes.  While this voluntary program implemented in October of 2015, was designed to improve the quality of life specifically for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders, it is not limited to Dementia residents. Any resident may participate and enjoy its benefits.

You may follow this link to the Ohio Department of Aging Quality Improvement Project Page:

We understand your time is valuable. This program is designed to be uncomplicated, highly accessible, and result in quality outcomes for your patients, staff and facility. Below you will find the requirements that must be performed.

Facility Requirements:

  • Register for the project by completing the attached form and submit to Cheering for Charity.

  • Have HIPAA release form signed by program members/POA’s.

  • Have media release form signed by all program members/POA’s and any additional attendees.

  • Appoint one employee, a “Voice Resource”, to be present for each weekly session.

  • Appoint a staff lead who will participate in the assessment process, review data with TCV Clinician and report progress back to nursing home administration.

  • Have the chosen staff (recommended 2 employees from each shift, max 6) to attend a Cheering Voices required 1 hour training session scheduled at your facility prior to program initiation.

  • Provide staffing, residents (min 12, max 40), space and time for a weekly hour-long six-week music program.

To Get Started

You must choose minimum of twelve and maximum of forty residents to participate. You may download the forms below to get started they include:

  • Brochure to explain the program to family members

  • Detailed QI timeline of the program

  • Participation agreement/checklist for administrator signature

  • HIPAA release for each participating residents

  • Consent to participate and media release form for all staff, family, and residents.

QI Brochure

HIPAA Release

QI Timeline

Consent for Participation

& Media Release





Supportive Resources

“Current research studies indicate that one of the most important therapies in maintaining brain health is cognitive stimulation. Music provides such stimulation and engages the brain while providing an enjoyable activity. Music therapy has also been observed to help quiet the agitation associated with dementia. I have had the privilege of working with the Cheering for Charity Foundation for several years and I admire their commitment to patients and families afflicted by dementia. I expect that the Cheering Voices program will continue to be as successful as all of their other endeavors.”

Dr. Robert Keyes

Co-Director of Christ Hospital

Health & Aging Center

Dr. Robert Keyes

Contact Information:

You may contact us for additional questions, details and/or to schedule start date:

(513) 827-2597

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