Cheering for Charity Foundation’s,  “The Cheering Voices”, is a program that uses music to help strengthen the bond between persons affected by Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.  In a collaborative venture modeled after some of the most innovative programs in the country, Cheering For Charity has created a shared experience in a choral music program where participants come together to experience the joy and power of music.

Priscilla and her mother Helen.


Give a gift from the heart and watch someone's eyes light up. The Cheering Closet stocked with small gifts and personal items does just that. Our goal is to touch the lives of seniors, make them smile, and brighten their day! In an effort to reach out to our neighbors living in senior residential communities, this program provides a way to make people feel like they matter. It also delivers necessary everyday items for those in need.

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PO Box 53759 / Cincinnati, Ohio 45253

Benefiting those with Alzheimer's and their Caregivers