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Testimonials & Comments

Current research studies indicate that one of the most important therapies in maintaining brain health is cognitive stimulation. Music provides such stimulation and engages the brain while providing an enjoyable activity. Music therapy has also been observed to help quiet the agitation associated with dementia. I have had the privilege of working with the Cheering for Charity Foundation for several years and I admire their commitment to patients and families afflicted by dementia. I expect that the Cheering Voices program will continue to be as successful as all of their other endeavors.

Dr. Robert Keyes, MD, PhD

Co-Director of Christ Hospital Health & Aging Center
I am happy to give a testimonial for Cheering Voices. It is the most interactive and engaging program for those with dementia I have ever seen and I have worked in the field of aging for almost thirty years. To give a few examples…  Residents who never attend large group activities come to Cheering Voices.   Residents who constantly wander sit still for a whole hour while in Cheering Voices. It is far and above the most favorite activity program here at Artis of Mason.

Diane Kloenne

Executive Director - Artis Senior Living of Mason
Music inspires each of us.  It is an important thread in the fabric of our lives.  As we age, this inspiration is more necessary than ever before.  Cheering Voices helps to assure that patients with cognitive disorders can continue to cherish musical experiences while experiencing an enhanced quality of life.  We are grateful for the work that Cheering Voices and Cheering for Charity Foundation does to help those living with memory impairment.

Kim Majick

Chief Development Officer - Carespring Healthcare Management
The Barrington of West Chester truly appreciates the Cheering Voices program for our residents. Our independent/assisted living community includes residents with dementia. We have especially noticed the participation and thorough enjoyment of the program effects on our residents with dementia. Cheering Voices makes them feel comfortable and connected with songs they recognize. In many cases it is the only activity they feel comfortable with. Thanks for providing this service to the Barrington of West Chester!

Lisa Fey

Director of Sales and Marketing - The Barrington of West Chester
I wanted to thank you (Priscilla Groh) and Cheering Voices for again coming out to Artis of Mason! Your organization does such good work and Cheering Voices so lifts the spirits of our residents. It is so wonderful to see what music does for folks with dementia. It  continues to amaze me how even our residents that are so far progressed in this disease and can’t verbally communicate more than a few words, can sing every word to most of the songs that Cheering Voices sings. Cheering Voices brings such enthusiasm and interacts so well with our residents and you can see that reflected in our residents even hours after the songs are over and you have left. Thank you again for all your organization continues to do to bring peace and happiness to folks living with this awful disease!

Diane Cunningham

Director of Partnership Development - Artis Senior Living of Mason
Thank you for the lovely fleece throw. It will keep me warm in the cold winter months. Its bright colors will brighten my days for sure.


We enjoyed the Cheering Voices visits this holiday season, and the Christmas party was a blast... Thanks a million!

Hugh, Barb, Mary Lou, Rose, Mary Ann, Vince, Stephanie, Mary Gene & Barbara

Just a little note to say "Thank You" so very much for the wonderful welcome gift for my loved one. He loves his fuzzy blanket & will definitely get use of all his toiletry products. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated during this difficult transitional time.



​Thank you very much for the beautiful and much needed Christmas gift. I don't usually go to our Happy Hours, so when I came down to dinner, I was surprised to see most people carrying presents. I came out to the lobby to get a present for me and my dinner table mate. The receptionist gave me a pretty colorful purse. But then Lisa came out of her office and informed me she had put aside a special gift for me.

She handed me a beautifully wrapped pajama set. I went back to my table and gave my seatmate the choice of gifts. She grabbed the purse. I was so happy when I opened my gift. It was a very soft flannel pajama set. I had a doctor's appointment during our record-breaking below zero weather, I wore the soft pajama pants under my clothes and I've worn them ever since under my pants or jeans, anytime I've had to go outside.

This was the only Christmas present I received. I am SO happy! Thank you very much!



​Christmas in July today was a wonderful time for the residents at the Legacy Unit at Ridgewood Health Campus in Lawrenceburg, IN. My mother has been there for 2 years and is now in the advanced stage of dementia. She was able to sing along and even stood up and danced at the last event. This year she was able to hum along and smiled easily each time you came up and sang to her. 

You and your crew take the time to make each resident feel connected by getting down at their level with eye contact and approaching them in ways appropriate for their individual needs. What you don't get to see is what happens after you leave. The residents are more engaged and talkative for most of the day. Their moods are improved and it helps the staff in their caregiving duties.

Thanks so much for providing this service and the individual gift bags of useful toiletry items and soft slipper socks.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Caregiver - Daughter of Resident

​Thank you Priscilla & your group for your wonderful singing presentations. My mother enjoyed your music more than any other group. I could tell that it gave her great peace and comfort to hear, see and feel your musical presentations. Thank you again.

Donald Roberts

Caregiver - Son of Resident
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